Monday, October 14, 2019

The Ex-Mexican Wives Club: Cover Reveal

October arrived here in Seattle with a bite in the blustery wind and a new academic year, as The Ex-Mexican Wives Club pushes toward publication. Cover designer, Loretta Matson has done it again with this beautiful cover honoring the artwork of Mexican painter, Antonio Ramirez.
Want to know more? Here's the back cover blurb: 

HEARTBROKEN AND DRIFTING, alone and broke, Arleen Williams landed in Mexico City in 1979. There she built an illegal teaching career,international friendships, and later a marriage. Then, this invented life collapsed under the weight of family tragedy.

Back in Seattle, Williams spent decades banishing her memories of those years in Mexico, intent on being a normal wife and mother. But questions remained. Who was that young woman who created a life for herself in Mexico? Why did she go and what brought her back? Where were the women she once knew?

Through journals and correspondence spanning four decades, The Ex-Mexican Wives Club takes the reader on an exploration of unanswered questions and rekindled friendships in a world forever changed by socioeconomics and border politics.

 Want to read more? The Ex-Mexican Wives Club will be released this fall.

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