Friday, June 9, 2017

Minding My Muse 12: Making vs. Marketing

Writers write. With a bit of determination and a lot of luck, we manage to get our work out into the hands of readers. By responding to the prompts in Priscilla Long's Minding the Muse, I am reminded of why I write and the importance of finding balance between the creation of my work and  marketing it. Once again, I share my journal entries.
April 2, 2017 Journal Entry
“What are you doing to get your work into the world? Do you function within the new media, as in Facebook, Twitter, etcetera? Do you over-function?” (Priscilla Long, Minding  the Muse, p. 92)

Social media is a blessing and a curse. it usurps time while it renders readers. Finding balance is essential. My work, my novels and first memoir, still await re-release. My second memoir awaits publication. I am patient, or try to be. I focus on new work while trying to maintain a small bit of public involvement through this blog. I suppose I could, should be submitting short works for consideration, but time is limited and rejection harsh.

“Are you at least moderately active in your local arts community? Do you connect with other artists, and how?” (Priscilla Long, Minding the Muse, p. 92)

I do public readings and workshops on a regular basis. I participate in monthly readings, speak at open mics and support fellow writers. I also attend big name releases whenever possible, maintain membership at the Seattle Art Museum and enjoy local gallery events. I also belong to two timed writing groups as well as several on-line groups. Seattle has a very lively arts community. There’s always something to do. Maybe too much—such wonderful distractions.

“How are you doing on walking that fine line between making work and marketing work? If you have suddenly become more famous—perhaps you have a new book out or an upcoming show—are you still putting in time on creative work itself?” (Priscilla Long, Minding the Muse, p. 92)

Fame is not a concern nor do I imagine it will ever be a concern. I don't see the need for a private secretary to process the demands of an overzealous public in my future. for the past year my focus has been solely on making new work--with a slight attempt to stay public with my blog and social media as well as with library workshops and private book club appearances. But I don’t have a new book coming out, and I’m in an odd place right now having four published books which are no longer available because my publisher went out of business. It’s hard to market what is not in the market. I have no release date to share, so maintaining a marketing presence feels absurd, even working on a new project at times feels meaningless, but I remind myself of my earliest writing, of when I wrote only for me, of writing to make sense of myself, my personal journey and my role in this crazy world. I have slowly found my way back to that place, and it is good.

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