Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Minding My Muse 10: When Is It Done & How Do You Know?

Do you keep a journal? Do you go back and read prior entries? I'm finding this visit with past journal responses to Priscilla Long's writing prompts in Minding the Muse insightful. I've found my way back to writing over the past year, but writing in a slower, more deliberate manner. 

Journal Entry: September 19, 2016
“Are you good at bringing works to completion? Might this area of your art practice be improved?” (Priscilla Long, Minding the Muse, p. 67)

I am all about the finished project – excessively. I need to slow down and focus on the process, learn to play with creativity, dibble-dabble as Priscilla calls it. At the same time I need to work daily (on a project). These morning pages are good, but I am not working on anything. Not a novel. Not a blog piece. I’m dibble-dabbling with my thoughts alone.

For the next little while, once I get my computer back, I’ll do morning pages and edit/read Moving Mom. Once finished, I will re-enter the Mexico years and see where they take me.

Do you rely on others to inform you as to whether or not a work is finished? Are there ways you could become more self-reliant in this matter even as you also consider feedback?(Priscilla Long, Minding the Muse, p. 67)

Do I rely on others too much to inform me a work is finished? I certainly was. Maybe not so much for the books, but certainly for the blog posts. I showed a friend everything before posting there for a while. I don’t do that now. I’m also not doing weekly posts. I should try to do that again. What’s stopping me?

“Do you have an adequate arts community, whether it consists of one or two buddies or more? Are your art buddies, comrades, or critique group members erudite enough to stimulate your own creative growth?  Do you make yourself a valuable member of this community? Do you pay attention to the work of others and from time to time make yourself useful to their creative process? (Priscilla Long, Minding the Muse, p. 75)

An adequate arts community? I suppose I’ve turned my back on it lately. I take more than I give. Louisa’s I attend rarely. The Uptown means more to me and I need to return and be active and supportive. We are not all on the same page, so to speak, but they are all solid writers and good people. Maybe in part I feel intimidated. They are good writers. I have my insecurities, but I will return to the table this weekend and dedicate myself anew both to my writing and to my community. Of course, the biggest thing is that I need to be writing – on projects – on a daily basis and therefore be prepared for timed writing practices.

Do you attend readings and openings? Do you write an occasional note of appreciation to an artist whose work is meaningful to you? Consider doing so.(Priscilla Long, Minding the Muse, p. 75)

Not nearly enough or as much as I’d like. I will attend C&P monthly as well as B&N West Seattle, starting October. They’re local and I should be able to make that much of a commitment. I also want to go to Elliott Bay on a regular basis – maybe Friday nights – or U Bookstore. But getting to know both better would be good. 

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