Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What Are You Working On ... EC Moore?

I usually share guest posts on Thursdays, but I'm heading up to the San Juan Islands for a few days of cycling with my husband, so you get to enjoy EC Moore's post a day early! Can you imagine working on two novels at the same time? 

EC Moore is the author of Incurable, published through Booktrope. Look for her second novel, Every Big & Little Wish October 2015. When EC Moore’s not writing feverishly, you will find her out walking or sightseeing. She’s wild about coffee, books, cooking, good wine, cairn terriers, miniature ponies, historical houses, and witty people. She resides in a fifties bungalow in Southern California, with her creative-director husband, a yappy blonde dog, and one feisty Chihuahua. 

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I never thought I’d write a sequel, and I’m not writing a sequel, not really. But I am working on a companion book to my historical fiction novel, Incurable. My WIP is titled Insatiable, The Incurable Saga (Book 2). Even the title intimidates me. How did I get myself into this mess anyway? 

Detective Reg Hartman, the male protagonist from Incurable, along with a feisty secondary character named Doris Wilson began to appear in my dreams, weaving an intricate pattern of intrigue I couldn’t very well ignore or dismiss. The trouble with all that, I was already knee-deep in re-writes on another novel titled Letters from La La Land. So here I am—working on two books at once—jumping back and forth between 1959 and 1976, in and out of mystery and suspense and into a family drama.

To my astonishment, I am managing to hold up under the pressure. Both novels are complicated in a dissimilar fashion. Both require tons of research and ground work. The tone and settings couldn’t be more different. I have formulated a process, I spend three days on Insatiable and then switch gears and spend the next three days on Letters from La La Land. The plan is to take the seventh day off, but that’s when I usually work on blog related stuff, my own blog and various guest posts.

When do I relax and take a break? Not very often. Each day, after my early morning walk (sitting all day is not good policy, so I break it up with movement, walking, my exercise bike, some light stretching and weight-lifting), I spend an hour or so answering e-mails and keeping up with social media. Then I write. During lunch I pop in and check on social media again. Then I write. Late afternoon I work out in the garden, and when I come in I rustle up some dinner. Then I write. And to make myself sleepy I read a bit before I go to sleep.

Oh, did I mention I freelance, writing scripts and treatments? Until I earn a living as an author, I must squeeze in real-life projects to pay the bills.

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mary rowen said...

Wow, E. C., that's one impressive schedule! Very inspiring. Best of luck with the new books, and I'm looking forward to reading Incurable.

arleen said...

Thanks for reading and commenting, Mary. I'll be sure to pass your comment on to EC!