Monday, September 21, 2015

The Magical World of Writing

When I entered the world of writing 13 magical years ago, I figured writers were fairly creative folks - I mean, they sort of have to be, right? What I didn't realize was how generous, thoughtful and supportive they are. I am grateful for the encouragement and camaraderie of many fellow writers, both in person and on line. One of these special people is author and illustrator, Jennifer L. Hotes. I feel fortunate to have met her through our shared publisher, Booktrope.

Jennifer is currently running a blog series spotlighting the work of fellow authors. She's encouraging her readers to take advantage of the fall weather to read more now that the busy months of summer are coming to an end. In her own words, posted September 4th: 

As the leaves outside tinge with reds and yellows, life slows down a tad and I find time again to read.  In that spirit, I hope the books and authors I share with you this month will coax you to do the same.

Yesterday Jennifer graciously shared these words about my own work:

On a personal note, if I had one literary wish to grant, it would be to see New York Times Book Review pay attention to Williams' work. She handles complicated, tumultuous and diverse subject matters with literary grace and expertise. She deserves national attention.

I am touched. Thank you, Jennifer!

You can read more of her post or follow as she spotlights other authors HERE. And while you're visiting, you might want to check out Jennifer's Stone Witch series.

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