Friday, June 13, 2014

Synchronicity or Subconscious?

At a recent reading someone asked if my decision to tackle RSVP, the 188-mile bike ride from Seattle to Vancouver, Canada, was linked to my recently released novel titled, Biking Uphill. All I could think to reply was that I wish I had the marketing savvy to come up with such a clever idea.

Reality is far less interesting. The truth is, I've carried Antonia's story for a very long time. I finally began research in 2007 and started writing what I then called Carolyn & Antonia in early 2012.  

While I've always done some biking, I was never a distance rider or a bike commuter. Summer 2012 friends invited me to train for RSVP with them. I was too late to register, but I rode more that summer than ever before. My friends completed RSVP without me, and I ended the summer flying over my handlebars on a solo ride. 
A rest stop with Luna Girls by artist Lezlie Jane on the West Seattle waterfront.
When summer 2013 rolled around, my friends decided they were done with distance riding. I was without a training partner and the intensity of my weekly rides waned. That same summer, on a camping trip in August 2013, I received a contract offer from Booktrope Publishing for The Alki Trilogy.

As I shared in Biking ... Insanity? a few weeks back, I now have a new training partner. May and I are registered and clocking miles in preparation for the August 15-16 ride.

So, all I can say is this. I was never consciously aware of a connection between Biking Uphill and my own biking. As writers, we write what we know, and I suppose my life and the life of my characters crossed paths without my permission.

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