Friday, July 7, 2017

Writers Need Readers

Writers need readers. Writers who polish and publish a piece of work—whether poem or short story, novel or screen play—do so for an audience. Perhaps journals are different. They are unpolished and rarely published. Often when we scribble in journals the only audience is the self. Still, I wonder how many secretly hope their journals are found and read, their secrets revealed, their voices heard.

Writers write to give voice to thoughts, feelings and perceptions of the world, as well as that of the imagination. Writers write to entertain, examine, explore. Giving voice and having that voice heard is what writing, what creativity is all about—the joy of creating is to share.

One joyful way to share stories and all they convey is through book clubs. What a thrill when your book is selected as a book club read, when you are invited to field questions and discuss your work. I was fortunate to have this pleasure a few weeks back. I am grateful to Barbara, Becky, Janet, Ruth, Sue, Trish and Wendy for reading and discussing BIKING UPHILL. Thoughtful readers with interesting questions led to a far-reaching and meaningful discussion on a variety of topics ranging from the roots of creativity to current immigration policy in the United States. And a very enjoyable evening!


Working Girl said...

How fabulous! I love book clubs---have learned A LOT from them.....

arleen said...

I agree, Working Girl. It's always interesting to see where readers go when they read your work. Thanks for reading and commenting!