Friday, March 18, 2016

On Hummingbird Wings

Our last visit, Kim and I sat on her sofa, an expansive view of Puget Sound beyond the deck, a large tree so close it felt as though I could touch it if not for the glass separating us.

"Look. There it is again," she said as a tiny hummingbird flickering in the tree caught her attention.

I saw no flowers and wondered at the proximity of this beautiful bird. "Is there a feeder?" I asked.

"No. It just comes to visit me."

I nodded. It never occurred to me to question whether a hummingbird would come each day to visit my friend as she sat on her sofa. Instead, I imagined her out on the deck in warmer weather, the hummingbird settling for a brief rest on her thin shoulder. Kim was that kind of woman, the kind birds would visit. Joyous and friendly, loving and kind. Imagine Cinderella in skinny jeans and short hair, a twinkle in her eyes and a wide smile.

We met when our daughters were in primary school and  a group of us formed a mother-daughter book club. After the girls graduated high school and headed off on other adventures, the mothers continued to meet each month. We added wine to our potlucks and spent less time discussing books and more time getting to know each other as more than just the "mother of Caitlin, Calla, Claire, Deepa, Ellen, Erin, Kari, Karly, Sage, Stephanie."

As a nurse, Kim worked at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Only five and a half years ago she cared for another friend, Sandra E. Jones. Sandi and I were in the same writers group. When we launched a collection of works we titled Sunday Ink: Works by the Uptown Writers, Kim attended the reading to support her patient. One month later, Sandi died.

Now Kim is gone. Cancer took her Tuesday morning, her husband at her side. I'd like to think she was carried away on the wings of the tiny hummingbird who befriended her during her final month. I know I will never see another of those lovely creatures without remembering my dear friend.

Kim Stokstad-Nicholas
December 24, 1955 - March 15, 2016

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Jan said...

So sorry Arlene. Happens much too often. I'm sure the hummingbirds did come over her!