Friday, November 6, 2015


Are you looking to load your Kindle for a long, dark winter of reading? Personally, when daylight saving time ends, days shorten, and gray blankets Seattle, I'd like to hibernate, but apparently that's not an option. Instead I ignore what's going on outside by sticking my nose in a good book. If you're like me, you might like some reading suggestions.

It seems a little crazy to start thinking about holiday shopping three weeks before Thanksgiving, but what can you do? I saw a Christmas tree in my favorite after-walk pub last night, so apparently it's on us already. If you're an early shopper or just want to add a few good (cheap) reads for your own Kindle, check out these holiday deals.

My publisher, Booktrope, is running a special promotion called Prefunk the Holidays with over 200 titles at $2.99. Check it out at Runaway Goodness

Amazon is already offering Holiday Deals with over a thousand titles listed.

And here comes the personal plug... my three novels are included in these special deals!

Running Secrets      $1.99 Prime and $0.00 Unlimited
BikingUphill           $2.99 Prime or $0.00 Unlimited
WalkingHome         $2.99 Prime or $0.00 Unlimited

Happy winter reading!


BetsybellAuthor said...

Thanks fire this heads up.

arleen said...

My pleasure, Betsy. Thanks for reading!