Thursday, October 8, 2015

What Are You Working On ... Julia Park Tracey?

I (often) complain of being swamped (especially at this time of the year) with a college teaching gig and my writing-marketing world, and then someone comes along who wears so many hats I don't know how she knows which to put on when. Here's a post from Julia Park Tracey. Enjoy!

Julia Park Tracey is an award-winning journalist, author and blogger, with recent work on Sweatpants & Coffee, Salon, Thrillist, Paste and The Mid/Scary Mommy. She is the author of the Veronika Layne mysteries and the novel Tongues of Angels; two women's history books and a collection of poetry. Read more at

 I’m busy! Booktrope has just released my second mystery, Veronika Layne Has a Nose for News, of the Hot Off the Press series. With a new release there is always a lot to do, from ensuring local bookstores have the book, to checking up on reviews, alerting the local media, and hosting a launch party. I have also sent books through the mail to reviewers, and entered the book in a few online contests. The work around releasing a new book usually takes about three months before simmering down.

I’m a freelance journalist, so I usually have deadlines and stories to work on. Currently I am reviewing a book and interviewing the author for an alternative newspaper. I just finished writing up a series of food reviews for a holiday feature on specialty foods. I get to taste them, and that was scrumptious; I tasted Meyer lemon marmalade, hot-sweet chili jam, lemon-herb pita chips, two flavors of hummus and some olives, artisanal marshmallows, whiskey-pistachio brittle, and two flavors of granola. I have written about cocktails, coffee, tea, oysters, hot chocolate, organic/vegetarian fast food, and most recently, a huge variety of coffee ice creams. I love that kind of reporting, but I need to do some crunches. I also review theatre productions and am going to see Nunsense this week, with a review due Tuesday.

I spend two days a week doing some in-house work for a newspaper plus the social media for that paper; some of the work I can do from home and other tasks I perform in-office. I don’t report the news, but I format and edit press releases and articles that come in, and make corrections on proofed pages. All of these separate tasks add up to a steady income stream that allows me to pay the bills while I write non-paying stuff, like poetry or research.

Alas, poetry doesn’t pay (much), but it is very satisfying. I am the Poet Laureate of my city and I volunteer a lot in classrooms and local groups to talk about writing and books. I just participated in a read-athon to highlight banned books last week; this week I have a meeting to plan a children’s poetry contest next summer. None of these activities are paid, but they are very satisfying.

And then there’s my current mania – family history. I am in the midst of looking deeper into our roots and have uncovered a few mysteries. One of these, about my great-great-grandfather, who was an Orphan Train child, we’ve just managed to solve. He wasn’t an orphan after all, and his mother wanted him back, but it was too late. I think this will make an excellent novel some day. It’s esoteric stuff, but I really enjoy it, and it pays huge dividends in teaching me about my heritage and giving me ideas on what to write next.

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