Thursday, December 17, 2020

Yesterday I Cancelled Thanksgiving in Passager's Pandemic Diaries

Diary, journal, morning pages - like many I write (almost) daily to record my thoughts and observations. Sometimes that writing finds its way into a book or poem or blog piece. Sometimes it remains scribbles in a notebook. This year started no differently. Then the pandemic hit in March and I started typing everything and saving it by month in a desktop file labeled COVID Diary. 

Three months later my grandson was born. I began to imagine the comments this little boy may receive throughout his life when he mentions his birthdate. When I found myself addressing my writing to him, I renamed the file - The Year You Were Born.

A friend gifted me a copy of Passager, a collection of the 2019 poetry contest winners and I learned of their call for submissions to the Passager's Pandemic Diaries. I'm pleased to share that a piece I wrote about cancelling our Thanksgiving dinner plans was included.

Please CLICK HERE to read the many wonderful journal entries included and consider submitting your own.


mary rowen said...

Wonderful piece, Arleen! Congratulations! And I hope you get to spend more time with your family and grandson in 2021. Happy holidays!

arleen said...

Thank you for reading and sharing, Mary. Happy holidays to you and yours as well!

Stacy said...

A sad but sweet telling of the tale of our COVID lifestyle and how it's changed everything. Merry Christmas.