Friday, August 24, 2018

Pen and Paper - Always!

Despite the heavy smoke that blankets the Pacific Northwest, Coupeville is a gem. I am grateful to Debbie Lagassé of Sno-Isle Libraries for inviting me to present and to the dedicated writers who attended my memoir workshop.
Light traffic and a ferry allowed an early arrival. I wandered the small town and dock, ate at the hotdog stand, and gawked at the deer and fawns on the beach.
The two-hour workshop seemed to end before it started with lots of sharing of ideas and experiences. In conversation afterwards, Kevin Fristad, author of Dead Geese Flying, mentioned carrying a notecard and pen to jot ideas as they surface. We shared a laugh when I pulled out my tiny notebook. Reminder to writers: Carry pen and paper always!


Jan said...

So glad it all worked out for you. Hope the smoke clears out for you soon. And of course that the fires die down.

arleen said...

Thank you, Jan. I feel selfish complaining about the smoke when others are suffering far more than we are here in the Pacific Northwest. It's just so odd. Not what one expects summer to be. Be well, and thanks for reading, posting and sharing!