Monday, July 16, 2018

Australia Reads Citadel

Writer and teacher, mentor and friend, Jack Remick is featured in an exclusive interview with Jasmina Siderovski for the Australian publication, eYs Magazine.

Jack Remick is a award-winning poet, short story writer, and novelist. Citadel is his latest work. This is an interview I'm sure will be of interest to readers and writers alike. It begins ...

Click here to read the complete interview. You'll need to flip through the magazine to pages 51-57, but it's well-worth the effort. Enjoy!


Jack said...

Thank you, Arleen, for posting this.
How is the poetry coming along?
the Binsey Poplars.

arleen said...

You are most welcome, Jack.

O if we but knew what we do
When we delve or hew —
Hack and rack the growing green!

So lovely, and so very sad.