Sunday, October 11, 2015

My Moment of Glory

WALKING HOME and BIKING UPHILL are on sale now through Monday for only 99 cents! RUNNING SECRETS is free to anyone with Kindle Unlimited.

We made the decision to run this special deal to build readership. Nobody's making any money with prices set so low! But maybe, just maybe a few more folks are reading my work.

At about 9 pm last night I got an email from my book manager at Booktrope, the publisher of The Alki Trilogy. She sent this screen shot:
I know it's a very narrow Kindle category. I know it's just a moment, nothing more. I know that already, early Sunday morning, it's dropped to #2 (I checked). But for one brief instant, WALKING HOME was #1!

And BIKING HOME? It dropped to #1863 in Contemporary Fiction. Not a best seller, but going in the right direction. Do you think we can keep the trend going? With your help, anything is possible!

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mary rowen said...

This is so great, Arleen!! Congratulations!!