Monday, July 20, 2015

Post-Conference Fatigue

It was a gray morning in Seattle, almost ten when I finally pulled myself out of bed. The Pacific Northwest Writers Association conference wore me out. I'm guessing other attendees and speakers, agents and publishers, PNWA staff and volunteers are feeling the same Monday morning post-conference fatigue.

The SeaTac Hilton conference center was buzzing with over 500 book lovers, all eager to write and publish the best stories possible in an industry changing so fast it's a challenge to keep up. I thank PNWA for the opportunity to be a speaker at this 60th annual conference. My presentation, "The Independent/Hybrid Author," was well-attended and well-received.  Best of all, it was fun!
It was also a blast to meet other Booktrope authors at the Friday evening Autograph Party. In alphabetical order:
AC Fuller and Gail Elizabeth Kretchmer 
Michael G. Munz

Nicole J. Persun and Terry Persun
Yours Truly, Arleen Williams

Ina Zajac
I'm on my third cup or coffee (or fourth?), it's almost lunch time, and definitely time to post. Have a wonderful rewarding week with loads of time for reading and writing!
Booktrope Authors at the PNWA 2015 Autograph Party


Jan said...

Sounds like it was an exhausting but fun!

arleen said...

Absolutely, Jan! Such is the nature of large conferences, so much to learn and share, so much networking.

Unknown said...

Great to meet you in person at last.

arleen said...

My pleasure, A.C.! I'm looking forward to your launch next Saturday!