Friday, May 8, 2015

Walking Home Comes Home

Many thanks to E.C. Moore for including my guest post "Walking Home Comes Home" on her beautiful blog From One Bird to Another yesterday.
New FB banner: The Alki Trilogy is complete!

I walk through the deep forest of Schmitz Park, my daughter's unruly dog chasing scents and shadows in the underbrush, my notebook and pen in my backpack. I need this time alone with the dog in the woods, woods that remind me of the wilderness of my childhood. I imagine a day long ago, before my parents moved their growing family from this West Seattle neighborhood to the Issaquah Valley at the foot of the Cascade Range. I see myself a child of four or five walking these same paths with my older siblings. I marvel at life's journey and struggle to make sense of the chaos of the last five months. My mind tracks backwards outlining as though I were writing an absurdly early holiday letter.    Read more ...

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