Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Proposal

Many thanks to Tess Thompson for sharing my guest post at Inspiration for Ordinary Life.

Early February 2015

When I walked into the kitchen, I knew something was up. There was tension in the air, electricity. I felt it.

The kitchen is small. Stove to the right. Refrigerator on the left. Sink on the back wall. Husband Tom stood at the stove frying piles of chopped veggies in his favorite cast iron skillet - green zucchinis, purple onions, yellow peppers, red tomatoes.  He focused on building his signature frittata, his back toward our daughter's boyfriend, Elliot, who leaned against the narrow counter space between refrigerator and sink.

"We're not usually together, I mean alone, without Erin," Elliot said when I walked in. "I should've said something sooner."

I heard hesitation, a nervous tone in his voice. "What's up?" I asked, nudging Tom to attention.

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