Monday, July 14, 2014

What a Ride!

My head still floats in a cloud of disbelief. For this Seattle writer, there was nothing quite like reading at Elliott Bay Book Company. To stand at the podium shared by the likes of Tom Rachman and Lisa See, Luanne Rice and Celeste Ng - and that's just June and July - was a breathtaking experience, a bit like cycling downhill as the odometer climbs to 30 mph hoping I'll make it to the bottom in one piece.
And what a ride it was! The BIKING UPHILL launch party yesterday was a joy. Booktrope CEO Ken Shear honored me with a generous introduction and the audience rewarded me with interesting questions and comments. 
I am extremely grateful to Karen Maeda Allman for scheduling the event and to Greg Berry for hosting.

Thank you!

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