Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I Love My Job(s)

February passed in a blur of teaching and writing. My classes at South Seattle Community College are terrific. I have one group of beginning ESL students who researched their homelands and gave class presentations: seventeen students, eleven countries, community building through sharing. I am so grateful for work that nourishes my soul and informs my writing.  

Community support for Running Secrets and the Alki Trilogy continues to grow. The Association of Writers and Writing Programs conference was in Seattle last week and I was thrilled to see Running Secrets on the Booktrope table!  

I'm immersed in the final edits of Biking Uphill, the second book in the Alki Trilogy and determined to send it off to layout before leaving for Paris with my husband to celebrate our 25th anniversary. Yes, it was in mid February, but teachers get school holidays, so spring break was our closest travel option.

Biking Uphill is scheduled for a spring release! Then on to the final novel in the Alki Trilogy: Walking Alki.

Busy, exciting, glorious times!

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